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The residential center - Premium Senior - ideal for the elderly, provides you with both permanent and temporary accommodation. Our center offers the best conditions, such as freshly prepared food by our professional chefs. Hygiene is one of our main priorities, and we want to ensure that residents have the best experience. We also value all types of activities that stimulate both the mind and body, including interactive games, music nights, and entertainment programs, but also aim to maintain the resilience of the elderly (dexterity, locomotor, and cognitive skills). In addition, we have a courtyard where residents can walk outdoors. Through our programs, we can ensure that your loved ones receive the treatment they need.

Ioana Lița

"Absolutely wonderful place, clean, gentle people and happy seniors. I am very excited!"

Marian Păun

"A center where it's hard not to feel good. The atmosphere that people create there is more than special."

Paula Vergheș

"I recommended this center to a good friend and he thanks me every day. Congratulations for your work and efforts!”
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Important information



Visiting schedule

The city of Popești-Leordeni

Street Popești-Români, no. 66

Romanian language: +40 749 355 548

English language: +40 754 771 016

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Saturday and Sunday

14:00 - 18:30



14:00 - 18:30


14:00 - 18:30

14:00 - 18:30

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