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Our activities

Reading group

The reading group can be small or large, depending on the condition and needs of the elderly. Because we do not want anyone to be neglected, there is also the possibility of readings with the psycho-emotional assistant, 1:1, in a space that the senior chooses, or completely individually. Reading should not be neglected because it stimulates attention, forms and refreshes connections, prevents cognitive decline, alleviates depression and loneliness, reduces stress, improves sleep and extends life expectancy.

Painting, drawing and fine arts

It is well known that the fine arts have countless benefits, and the activities born in this sphere should not be forgotten at any age. The latter help reduce stress and increase creativity, aid memory, increase problem-solving and motor skills, stimulate an optimistic attitude, among many others. The illustrated efforts and ideas will be exhibited weekly in a small exhibition of the center. 


Movie nights are the most awaited evenings by seniors because it brings everyone together, helps them cope with stressful situations easier, learn new things and helps them find interesting topics for discussion and also helps them escape a little bit of the present reality and enter a different world, a sensation similar to reading. In these evenings they have contact with quality films, both old and new, comedies, educational documentaries and much more. At the end of them, the theme that was presented is discussed and certain suggestions are voted on for future viewing evenings.

Music and dance evenings

Music and dance evenings will exist both separately and together. Seniors will learn dance moves or free dance and listen to works that have marked the history of music (from the beginnings of music, to classical music; from blues, rock, pop music, to folk music). Both music and dance have been touched by an astonishing multiculturalism and these evenings are not only extremely educational, but also very varied and interesting.


Gardening is an activity that, fortunately, is becoming more and more popular and its benefits are surprising. Among them, we list a few: gardening can increase self-esteem, reduce stress, increase or improve arm and hand strength, keep seniors close to vitamin D and help them burn calories, which leads to a stronger heart. It is also an activity that promotes socializing and, being in nature, making it the ideal activity for all age groups.

Interactive and dexterity games

Games, whether interactive or dexterity developing, are based on fun, joy and sometimes they remind us of the times when we were children and they were the most important activities for us. Games develop our relationship with others, bring us closer to new people, create a sense of constructive competitiveness, help us set goals and be patient, improve brain function and many other skills. These benefits are just a few of a wide list, and seniors get to spend quality time with friends.

Name/birthday parties

Although all days are important and we should be grateful for each new day we live, name days or birthdays have an even greater degree of significance for the people celebrated. Therefore, these days should be treated with a cheerful attitude, quality music, bringing family members and building an atmosphere that makes everyone happy. This atmosphere helps the elderly relax, socialize and erase thoughts about old age and loneliness.

Training and movement

Movement and specific training should not be a hobby, but a necessity. They are a lifestyle that must accompany us along the way, being the key to a longer life, a late, beautiful and problem-free old age, a well-taken care of body and a clear mind. Depending on the needs of each senior, in addition to a personalized diet, the workouts will also be tailored. In addition to specific workouts, movement will exist everywhere, in various forms, daily, both within the center and outdoors.

Outdoor activities

This column highlights any type of activity that takes place outdoors and in nature. Whether we are talking about the same activities listed previously, but this time outdoors, or whether we are talking about activities that can only exist outside, they have in mind a better understanding of the things and people around, the development of empathy and an attitude of optimism, open communication and spending time in a valuable and special way.

Participation in religious services (optional)

Religion is not neglected and requirements and wishes in this regard are respected, regardless of the religion of the elderly. In the center's library, the senior will find the right books for them, we can organize trips to the nearest church for important services or we can bring a priest to the center's premises for those who cannot travel that far. Days of celebration will be taken into account for everyone, and the schedule on Sunday will also differ. Before enrolling the senior at our center, we respectfully ask you to complete the data in this regard, with the wishes you establish together.

Educational courses

Getting older does not mean taking away the things that help us grow, learn and evolve as people. Learning new things increases our self-esteem, we have a better understanding of the world, the society we live in and the people we interact with, we can open deeper and more interesting discussions and we maintain a healthy cognitive activity. The courses can cover various areas, from learning some basic words and phrases of a foreign language, or learning a musical instrument, to deepening various topics in universal or national history, geography, philosophy, sciences and others.

Social group + psycho-emotional support

The Premium Senior care and recovery center provides a psycho-emotional assistant who visits each senior every day, in their own room or within the center, for personalized discussions, with questions and answers, suggestions and recommendations, commenting on poems and films read and watched, etc. This person takes care of the emotional needs of each elderly person and makes sure that they do not lack anything that they want.

Social groups will form on their own and will be supported in various activities. They have proven extremely beneficial for the well-being of seniors and for the harmonious relationships within the Premium Senior Center.

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