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Alexandra Gavrila

Gavrilă Alexandra_edited.jpg

Alexandra is a warm person, very understanding and extremely well organized. She is a valuable person of our center, dealing with the organizational side, activity and entertainment plans, Premium Senior website and online pages. She knows English, Spanish and German and is a graduate of the Faculty de Composition, Music and Music Pedagogy of the University of Music, Bucharest.


Paul Meghea

Paul Meghea_edited.jpg

Paul is a confident, always optimistic and empathetic person. He has extensive training in the field of IT, speaks fluent English and is a graduate of the Technical University of Construction in Bucharest, in English. He has developed thinking, both theoretically and practically, and the problems and questions he raises are always surprising, in the best sense. He is very involved in the organizational part of the center, ensures the well-being of seniors, clients and employees and takes into account all the administrative part that represents Premium Senior.


Dumitru Gavrila

Gavrilă Dumitru_edited.jpg

Dan, as we all know him, is a very well organized, serious and extremely punctual person. He has a special respect for all the people around him, he adapts easily and it is always a pleasure to form a team with him. He is understanding, patient and a perfectionist. Each senior, each employee or customer is a priority above all else, and their well-being must be superlative. He has over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, HoReCa, and is a significant representative in the international field of cryptocurrencies.


Mariana Gavrila

Gavrilă Mariana_edited_edited.jpg

Mariana is an extremely organized and punctual person and handles both employee coordination and quality control. At the Premium Senior Care and Recovery Center, we must ensure that all dietary, medical, hygiene and other protocols are strictly adhered to. A clear mind and a sharp vision are qualities that Mariana has perfected over time, having over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, HoReCa. It is also a significant representative in the international field of cryptocurrencies.


Oana Huduncă

Oana Hudunca poza site provizorie

Oana is a social worker with extensive experience and remarkable attention. Communication with her is always pleasant and she comes to the rescue with extremely useful ideas and advice. Oana is an important part of our center, carrying out a complex and varied activity: she analyzes the influence of social factors on the state of mental health and human behavior, provides consultations on the rights and obligations of the assisted, collaborates with institutions or organizations that have similar objectives, participates in the elaboration work methods and techniques, proposes relief or recovery measures, and much more.


Oana Adelina Stana

Oana Stana - kinetoterapeut

Oana is a pleasant, serious person, with a warm voice and surprising strength. She has 5 years of experience in geriatrics and when it comes to training and therapy with seniors, she is the best fit for this job. The physical therapy exercises, the massage and the rest of the things she deals with through her work are of the highest quality, and for this we are proud of her presence at Premium Senior and we cannot wait for you to meet her in person.


Cristina Vidican

WhatsApp Image 2024-04-12 at 20.04_edited.jpg

Mrs. Cristina is an accomplished and very dedicated general practitioner. Her passion for work and for providing support and help to people in need is felt from the first words she says. Communication is her strength and seriousness and punctuality are just some of the many qualities that our center gladly recognizes.


Andrei Vasilica Săndina

Andrei Vasilica Săndina.jpg

Mrs. Andrei Vasilica Săndina, nurse, cares for the needs of our elderly residents with compassion and expertise. Through her professionalism and active involvement in the team, Săndina makes a significant contribution to the warm and friendly atmosphere in our center.


Gurung Som Kumari


Mrs. Kumari, nurse, is an integral part of our center, being also the person who spends the most time with the elderly. Her work should be praised, because caring for seniors with various needs requires attention and specialized training. Kumari knows how to talk to the elderly, understands their needs and makes sure they do not lack anything.


Tamang Painki


The nurse, Tamang Painki, is a wonderful person, patient, gentle, a warm hand for the elderly in need. The job she has is very important, representing the pillar that supports this center. We are happy to have her as part of the team and be able to capitalize on all these qualities.

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