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About us

Premium services are based on premium training

The Premium Senior team has extensive training and varied skills, both in the field of medicine, psychology, engineering and fine arts. During your visit to our center, you will meet hardworking, dedicated people who are carefully evaluated to meet all the requirements of a care and recovery center.


Our story

We all have close ties to at least one senior member of our family, both immediate and more distant. Our grandparents and great-grandparents have always been a guide for our grandchildren, a primary source of valuable knowledge and advice, and a gateway to the traditions that have shaped societies in a certain way and established certain values. Older people are wiser, but sometimes they tend to have a hard time adapting, clinging to the old habits they were taught. That is precisely why a special care center for seniors is suitable for them, because they are part of a place where problems of accommodation with certain situations are addressed, and medical ones are observed and treated, or kept under control by specialists. They are surrounded by people of similar ages where they can gain understanding, both of what old age means as a natural stage of life, but also of how people of the same generation have lived their lives up to now. Contradictions and contrasting visions are much more blurred, empathy is more present and the environment in this center is more welcoming and more suitable for the physical and mental needs of an elderly person. This is how the idea of Premium Senior was born: we want seniors to have respect, ideal conditions, premium services and appropriate treatments to extend their life expectancy. They are equal people in society, who need the same esteem that we also want to receive, without losing it when our powers decrease with the passage of time.

Meet our team!

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